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What are Facebook Shares?

When you post your content, there usually is an icon prompting your audience to like, comment, or share the content. 
Facebook shares are known to benefit your account in two crucial ways. First, your post gets priceless exposure with each share. If your goal is to get the broadest Facebook coverage, you need to get as many shares as possible. 
Secondly, shares attract Facebook algorithms to promote your content to an even wider audience. 

Buy Facebook Shares

Service Feature and Benefits

Secure Payments

At SocialLyk, our site is secured with the latest SSL technology, and no data or information you provide will leak out. Furthermore, you don’t even have to register to make a purchase. 

Shares In No Time

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, we immediately start processing your order, and your shares start streaming in.

Real People, Real Shares

One of the main reasons behind our fast rise in the Facebook sharing space is because our social shares are real. At SocialLyk, we guarantee you real shares that last forever, thereby growing your brand. 

24/7 Customer Support

With our 24/7 customer support, you are assured of fast replies whenever you get stuck or require help.

Trustworthy Service

Our business is primarily built on trust. We always aim for customer satisfaction, putting all our efforts into generating credible shares from credible sources. Plus, we have a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services.

No-Risk of Decreasing

With SocialLyk, you never have to worry about your shares decreasing. The Facebook shares you purchase are permanent, with no chance of them ever disappearing.

No Password Required

We know your account’s privacy is of the uttermost importance. With this in mind, we never ask for passwords or any other sensitive information as they are not needed in the views creation process.

Build a Campaign Easy way

No matter your campaign or content type, we have flexible rates to accommodate you and your budget. Your campaign is unique; let us treat it with the uniqueness it deserves.

And much more…
Why are Facebook Shares Important? 

Sharing is caring. 49% of Facebook users say sharing allows them to tell others about products or content they care about. Shares are what truly define a real fan. A person who shares your content cares a lot about your content and is willing to risk their reputation to tell others. 
Shares act the same way as endorsements. If a person sees a post shared from a credible source, that alone is proof enough that the content is relevant and worth a check.
If you want your content to be Facebook famous, you need to buy Facebook shares. We at SocialLyk are here to take your hand throughout your sharing journey. 

Buy Facebook Shares
Buy Facebook Shares

Why Your Posts Need Facebook Shares

It is increasingly becoming very difficult to have your content shared. People are bombarded with posts left, right and center, so standing out is much harder than it should be. 
Whether you are selling a product or promoting a brand, you will not grow unless your content is regularly shared. 
This is why most people prefer buying Facebook shares to set the ball rolling. The reason being, rather than wait for miracles to happen, you take the initiative and take advantage of the Facebook signals. 
When you buy Facebook shares from SocialLyk, you can experience the most powerful social influence money can buy. Best of all, our Facebook shares have a high probability of making your content go viral.

Here are three more reasons why your Posts need Facebook shares.

  • Increase the Facebook reach of your posts – The only method that will guarantee your posts reach an even wider audience is when your content is shared. The more your posts are shared, the more potential customers/followers can notice your content. 
  • Vote of Confidence – It’s no secret that hundreds of shares are more than enough social proof that shows other people that your brand is relevant. This alone is very critical in convincing more people to check out your content. Most people believe that if your post has few shares, your content is not that interesting and therefore ignore you.
  • More Facebook Recommendations – The only way the Facebook algorithm will rank you high in search engines is if your posts have lots of shares. Facebook will only recommend your posts to other potential customers if you have enough shares. This not only guarantees that your potential customers get to see your product but also attracts more potential followers.
How To Buy Facebook Shares?
How To Buy Facebook Shares?
Where To Buy Facebook Shares

There are lots of companies out there promising real Facebook shares. While we don’t like to brag, we promise to deliver permanent shares to help your post reach the intended audience. 
At SocialLyk, we generate shares to connect with your content, making you visible to all potential customers. Whether you are a business or an individual, your content needs to be seen; and the only way to achieve that is by letting us get you the shares your content desperately needs.

Why Choose SocialLyk?

If you are a big brand that wants to increase its market share, a start-up that wants to make a big first impression, or even an individual who wants to blow up, you need SocialLyk. We understand how stressful how getting your posts to be shared can be; that’s why we have hassle-free formulas that will take the stress out of sharing your content.
We make it quick, easy, and secure to buy Facebook Shares.


Fast and Easy
At SocialLyk, we stand out from the competition by always ensuring all our services are of the highest quality. 
With no hidden costs, we promise to get you exactly what you’ve paid for. 
Our proven Facebook shares are not only permanent, but they are also the safest on the web. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee 100% real shares from real Facebook profiles. 
We take pride in creating good relationships with our clients, finding solutions to their problems, and ensuring all your objectives are met at a pocket-friendly price.
If you are looking for real, authentic shares, you are definitely in the right place. 

Tried, Tested and Trusted
Having been in the industry for lots of years and providing high-quality services to hundreds of clients, you can never go wrong with SocialLyk. 
Additionally, we are so confident in our product’s quality that we offer a satisfaction guarantee for every purchase. 
Whatever your expectations, you can count on a dedicated team to guide and help you every step of the way.

Difference Between Us And The Competition

  1. With hundreds of repeat customers, our quality of work speaks for itself. However, our competitor’s pages are filled with complaints and bad ratings, a sign of low-quality services delivered.
  2. Our shares are real shares that take time to acquire. That can’t be said for our competition, which generates shares from their software.
  3. Our shares are guaranteed to last for life as they are from real profiles, whereas our competitor’s shares last for about two months before disappearing.
  4. While the shares you purchase will appear naturally on your group, the competitions’ shares appear overnight in the hundreds. This is usually a red flag to the Facebook algorithm and can get your profile banned.
  5. With shares from SocialLyk, the profiles have exclusive photos and profiles, while the competition uses stolen photos or profiles without images.
  6. We help you grow your brand by increasing the number of reactions and engagement. Our competitors, however, can get your account banned by using unnatural shares.

How It Works

While different people have different campaigns and budgets, some planning can go a long way in helping you meet your goals. Once you’ve decided on your budget, head on over to our pricing icon, and choose a campaign that fits your budget.
We’ll then send you a notification confirming your purchase and immediately start working on your order.
It generally takes us less than 24 hours to commence working on your page, and around a week to finish your order. All these are dependant on the size of your campaign.
You will again receive an order confirmation message as soon as we are finished working on your page.


With SocialLyk, the shares we generate will never decrease. If the shares were to vanish at any one point, you could always ask for a refill, and we will gladly oblige.

You need not worry about your campaign’s safety and legality, as there is no stipulated law against such a practice. Moreover, our systems are covered by an SSL certificate guaranteeing that all the data and information you provided is in safe hands.

SocialLyk offers a comprehensive results guarantee that covers Facebook shares delivery in line with your budget and preferences.

Although we have targeting capabilities on our services, we mostly deliver shares from English speaking countries. 

No, they won’t. We generate our shares from real profiles with real pictures. These accounts have decent activity and somewhat active live feeds. Thus you are guaranteed no one would know you bought Facebook shares.

Taking into account the Facebook algorithm, our shares are drip-fed and will not miraculously appear overnight. With the smaller packages taking 2 to 6 days to complete, the more extensive campaigns can last up to 30 days.

Yes, you can run more than one campaign. This will mostly depend on your budget. 

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