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What are Tumblr Followers?

Tumblr, to most people, is the Jack of all trades. What do I mean by this? Tumblr lets you post anything: blogs, videos, pictures, streams, texts, quotes, I mean everything. Of course, you do have to obey the community guidelines. 
Once you have a Tumblr account, getting followers should be the next item on your list. You can’t grow your Tumblr reach without followers.

Buy Tumblr Followers

Service Feature and Benefits

Quick Start

Growing your Tumblr followers is easy but will take you years to finally reach your goal. We at SocialLyk promise to give you the quick start your brand deserves, taking you from zero to a hundred in no time.

Grow Your Tumbler Audience

We help you find and attract more people to follow you on Tumblr. With our highly targeted formula, you can grow your Tumblr audience in the blink of an eye. All that we require from your part is to click the buy icon.

Real Followers With Real Accounts

One of the main factors behind our fast rise in the social media marketing space is because our followers are real. At SocialLyk, we guarantee your account will get real followers from real people.

27/7 Support

With SocialLyk, you get direct access to our customer care agents whenever you get stuck or require assistance.

Trustworthy Service

Our Business is primarily built on trust. We always aim for customer satisfaction, putting all our efforts into generating credible followers from credible sources. Although we rarely have cases of followers vanishing, we do promise to follow up and fix any inconveniences you may have faced.

Quality is Guaranteed

Known for generating the industry’s best Tumblr followers, at SocialLyk, we guarantee exceptional services at unbeatable prices.

Safety Guaranteed

Equipped with high-end security systems, all the data and information you share with us is strictly confidential. Moreover, we don’t ask for passwords.

Real Followers

One of the main factors behind our fast rise in the social media marketing space is because our followers are real. At SocialLyk, we guarantee your account will get real followers from real people.

And much more…
Why are Tumblr Followers Important?

Although it is quite challenging to grow your Tumblr account, it’s still doable. Gaining lots of followers is what takes you from point A to point B in terms of your Tumblr reach. Tumblr is enormous in most parts of the world. If you’ve never heard about Tumblr, then you need to notice that it’s here to stay. 
You probably know that social media is a precious element for your online marketing campaign. Tumblr is one of the most well-known social media spaces and one of the most frequented social sites worldwide.
Having a strong presence on Tumblr is the surest way to gain ground on your competition.

Buy Tumblr Followers
Buy Tumblr Followers

Why You Need to Buy Tumblr Followers

Most social media users’ ultimate dream is to set up their account, post some stuff here and there, and let the magic happen. While it is possible to become famous overnight, things don’t happen like that nine times out of ten. You have to implement the right strategies and employ the proper techniques to beat the competition. 
 You also know that Tumblr marketing campaigns are incredibly costly undertakings.
So, the question is this, would you be willing to risk your hard-earned money on something that will not guarantee results? Or would you instead invest in buying followers from SocialLyk, ensuring you get followers and coverage your brand is in dire need for?
That said, here are three more reasons why you need to invest in buying twitter followers.

  • Followers are an Investment  – Buying followers is like investing in the stock exchange. You’ll be buying followers, but these followers will eventually become your customers in the long run. If you are a business or a public figure who is serious about growing their brand, buying followers should be your topmost priority. Little wonder most companies are investing millions in developing their Tumblr presence.
  • Easier and Cheaper – The first thing you need to know is that Tumblr marketing campaigns are very, very expensive. The second thing is that it is a heck of a lot cheaper to buy followers than to earn them. With the click of the buy button on SocialLyk, you are sure to get followers that relate to your content and market you to other potential followers.
  • Track your New Followers – At SocialLyk, we are here to help you build a long-lasting relationship with the followers you buy. You’ll get real-time stats, real-time feedback on how many people have followed you, and how many people are actively engaging in your content. We’ll not only show you how many more our followers have attracted new followers, but we’ll also help you attract even more followers.
How to Buy Tumblr Followers?
How to Buy Tumblr Followers?
Where To Buy Tumblr Followers

Lots of companies and websites are out there, promising you the opportunity to grow your following. While we won’t promise you a million followers in one month, we promise to take your hand and lead you in increasing your followers. 
At SocialLyk, we provide relevant followers for your account, making you visible to all your potential customers. Whether you are a business or an individual, your content needs to have social proof; and the only way to achieve that is by letting us get you the following your brand desperately craves.

Why Choose SocialLyk?

If you are a big brand that wants to increase its market share, a start-up that wants to make a big first impression, or even an individual who wants to blow up, you need SocialLyk. 
When you launch your new Tumblr account, it’s usually challenging to get followers. You’ll spend hours and hours marketing yourself without witnessing any tangible results. That said, we at SocialLyk promise to tend to your every need with our highly inclusive packages while sticking to your budget.
We make it quick, easy, and secure to buy Tumblr followers. 

Fast Delivery, Relevant Followers

We distinguish ourselves from typical Tumblr sellers by focusing on authenticity and fast delivery. Within hours of you confirming your order, our team starts compiling real followers with real identities, and followers start streaming in. We make it fast, easy, and safe to buy Tumblr followers that are real and relevant to your brand for an affordable price.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Having been in the industry for lots of years and providing high-quality services to hundreds of clients, you can never go wrong with SocialLyk. Moreover, we are so confident in our product’s quality that we offer a satisfaction guarantee for every purchase. 
Whatever your expectations, you can count on a dedicated team to guide and help you every step of the way. 


Difference Between Us And The Competition

  1. With followers from SocialLyk, the profiles you get have complete photos and an active feed, while the competition uses stolen photos or profiles without images
  2. Our followers are real followers and take time to acquire, while softwares create our competitor’s followers.
  3. Our followers will last for a lifetime as they are from real accounts, whereas our competitor’s followers only last for about two months before disappearing.
  4. While new followers will appear naturally on your profile, the competition’s followers appear overnight in the hundreds. This is usually a red flag to the Tumblr algorithm and can get your account banned.
  5. We help you grow your account by increasing the number of reactions, whereas our competitors can get your account banned using unnatural followers.
  6. With hundreds of repeat customers, our quality of work speaks for itself. However, our competitor’s pages are filled with complaints and bad ratings, a sign of low-quality services delivered.

How It Works

While different people have different campaigns and budgets, some planning can go a long way in helping you meet your goals. Once you’ve decided on your budget, head on over to our pricing icon, and choose a campaign that fits your budget.
We’ll then send you a notification confirming your purchase and immediately start working on your order.
It generally takes us less than 24 hours to start working on your page, and around a week to finish your order. All these are dependant on the size of your campaign.
You will again receive an order confirmation message as soon as we are finished working on your content.


When you buy Tumblr followers, your brand becomes more credible and trustworthy. You brand awareness will also be impacted as more followers means more engagement.

Buying followers is mostly dependent on your budget. But, if you are a big brand, we recommend getting at least 2,000 followers to guarantee a strong start.

One of the best investments you can ever make is buying Tumblr followers. Not only will your brand grow, but we guarantee that you will be making huge sales in no time.

No, they won’t. We get our followers from real profiles with real pictures. These accounts have decent activity and somewhat active live feeds. Thus you are guaranteed no one would know you bought followers.

You need not worry about any campaign’s safety and legality, as there is no stipulated law against such an endeavor. Furthermore, our systems are covered by an SSL certificate guaranteeing that all the data and information you provided is in safe hands.

With SocialLyk, the followers we generate will never decrease. If the followers were to decline at any one point, you could always ask for a refill, and we will gladly oblige. 

Since all our followers are drip-fed, you can expect to get your followers within two days for the small orders and four days for the large orders.

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